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Atomic structure

If a nucleus was the size of a raisin, the rest of the atom would be the size of a sports stadium

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The Tutors' Association

All members of the TTA are required to undergo DBS checks and subscribe to a Code of Practice for Tutors and Tutoring Companies Full details can be fo...
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The Director

David Fowkes has been teaching chemistry for over 35 years. His teaching career started at King Edward VI School Southampton. Subsequent posts as Head...
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Results : August 2021

 CONGRATULATIONS ..on a brilliant set of exam results. 2021 has, for obvious reasons been one of the most difficult years for A level students. Y...
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Low carbon tuition for A level Science and Maths

S.T.E.M education from the heart of the New Forest

As a company we are small but very ambitious. We aim to : Help students fulfil their full academic potential in S.T.E.M. subjects. Support s...
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Why tuition...... helps so many students

Five reasons why 1 :1 tuition helps. Whether online or in person,  our one to one private tuition will BOOST YOUR GRADES: Private tuition co...
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