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Goldhill Education takes its name from the famous hill in Shaftesbury where the business was founded in 2002.
Head office 2025 ( artist's impression)

Goldhill Education Ltd provides private tuition services for students of A level, IB Diploma and GCSE science and mathematics. We are continually developing digital and online resources to support the teaching, learning and further understanding of science.

We are a small but growing group of highly experienced, well-qualified specialist science and maths teachers. The company has corporate membership of the TTA and all its tutors adhere to its code of ethics

As a company we are small but very ambitious. We aim to :

  • Help students fulfil their full academic potential in S.T.E.M. subjects.
  • Support students in their preparation for careers in Medicine, Veterinary Science, Engineering and related subjects.
  • Wherever possible, highlight to students, in the context of their studies, the ways in which Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics will solve the problems of rising carbon dioxide levels and global warming.
  • Minimise our own carbon footprint through paperless administration and solar powered offices.
  • Restrict our travel needs and consequent carbon dioxide emissions through using low carbon travel and online tuition.
  • established 2002
  • bespoke one to one tuition
  • highly experienced tutors
  • incorporated as a private company 2012
  • tuition online and in person
  • highly experienced tutors
  • A level mathematics and science
  • DBS checked
  • Membership of TTA 

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