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David Fowkes has been teaching chemistry for over 30 years.  His teaching career started in at King Edward VI School Southampton. Subsequent posts as Head of Chemistry then Head of Science in Framlingham College and then Rossall School enabled him to develop further resources and techniques for the teaching of chemistry.

David was one of the content authors for the highly acclaimed Multimedia Science School by Plato learning and he has published a number of GCSE and A level chemistry texts for Pearson and Nelson Thornes ( now part of Oxford University Press).  His current project is the authoring and production of the Philpot Education chemistry support site for students of the International Baccaluareate .

David works part-time as Director of the IB Institute at St.Clare's, Oxford.

Get started with tuition

Our approach

meeting iconWe aim to boost the confidence and subsequent performance of tutees by identifying and addressing their weaknesses as early as possible. Whilst many students often have difficulties with the same topics in the sciences, each student has a preferred learning style. We aim to identify and exploit that style early in the process and then draw on appropriate resources to develop their understanding.

Our first meeting

meetingWe normally arrange a first meeting with the tutee and a parent. This no obligation meeting lasts no more than half an hour and is free of charge. The meeting enables us to find out as much as possible about the tutee's studies and what they would hope to gain from the tuition.  If at that stage, all parties are happy to proceed, then we normally conduct a one hour "diagnostic" tutorial to identify any areas of strength and any weakness. Thereafter we establish a regular tutorial slot.

Our fees

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  • We charge £45 per hour for one to one tuition.
  • We maintain a log of the material covered and the time taken for each tutoring session.
  • We invoice by email attachment (pdf) once a month in arrears.  
  • We prefer payment by bank transfer.
  • The company name is Goldhill Education ltd.